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Undead Drive-Thru Review

I have to start out this review by saying that this book surprised me, massively. I initially expected nothing more than a standard mediocre horror flick written by a semi-professional author, you know the kind you can find plastered all over the amazon kindle home page. Yet this is almost Stephen King level material, OK that may be an exaggeration but it is damn good.

The story has everything a King fan, myself included, could want, a deserted location, odd beyond belief characters, and of course innocent people who are new this god forsaken world.

This was a real page turner, it kept me on the balls of my feet right up until the end, my anxiety level rose page by page.

I shan’t spoil anymore.

While the book was a fast paced affair it did feel overly so, it was over before I personally would have wished, it gave more time to the horror and gore than it did to the development of the characters, a little more build up would have really helped prop up the emotional payoff of the horror.

This lack of a build up means you really don’t care all the much for the characters, making the actions of the novel gory and horrific but not overly harrowing.

We should have more time getting to know Coleen and Ky before they are thrown to the metaphorical wolves Rebecca Besser has planned for them.

Even with the lack of emotional entanglement though this book is a tense and compelling read. I found myself shouting at Ky during many a key moment. All told this does feel like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esq novel, with many a bloody and blood curdling moment. It is a thrilling and yet emotional page turner that will have you chewing on your lip from the first page until the last. I just wish it had been longer.

Rating 9/10

You can scare yourself silly with Undead-Drive-Thru on Amazon.

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