Young Boy who read 50 books in lockdown writes own book

Covid Christmas Parade Cover

An eight-year-old boy who was completed a marathon reading challenge during the UK’s lockdown has now gone on to write and publish a book of his own.

Milan Kumar, eight, from Bolton, has self-published his book titled, Covid Christmas Parade. The story revolves around a young boy trying to spread festive cheer during the pandemic.

Any proceeds from the book will be donated to the National Literacy Trust and his fundraising efforts have seen him praised by not only the Duchess of Cornwall but also by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Milan said it had been “a great honour”.

He also said that the book was inspired after he had completed the year long 50 book reading challenge in just three months during the UK’s first lockdown.

The Duchess of Cornwall wrote to Milan to congratulate him on his “absolutely wonderful” achievement. The Prime Minister likewise recognised the young boys efforts and has awarded him a Points of Light award which is given to “outstanding” volunteers “making a change in their community”.

Milan, who has already raised over £3,000, said: “I feel proud knowing I have made a difference to the lives of other children affected by Covid-19 because reading promotes health and wellbeing.

“I love reading and learning about the world through books and I want to help as many children as possible discover the magic of reading and all the great benefits it comes with.”

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